This photo was taken by my dear friend, Paul Eldridge of Haven Paul Art & Design - Please visit him at <a href=""></a>

This photo was taken by my dear friend, Paul Eldridge of Haven Paul Art & Design - Please visit him at


Julie Berglund is a hybrid. A jack-of-all-trades. A digital and artistic mutt.

Born and raised in Sheboygan, WI, Julie graduated from Milwaukee Area Technical College with a degree in Commercial Art and a small side order of photography. One could always find her with a camera in hand at any event she attended. While working in the field of her actual degree, she eventually found herself moving into the new world of website design and development. This new digital world put her into a variety of different roles in her professional life: Graphic designer, web developer, social media manager, freelance designer, business owner, and more.

But, it also moved her away from her passion of photography.

She has since become a virtual hybrid of artist and developer, able to switch between artistic and technical projects. It wasn’t until her 40th birthday, when she received her first DSLR camera, that the photography bug bit her once more.

Over the years that followed, she tried to figure out which area of photography was the best fit for her. So, she immersed herself into online photography courses, and dabbled in a variety of genres, including portrait, architectural, commercial, landscape, and - her greatest love - wildlife photography. Though it may sound contradictory, her (digital) photography is her escape from the daily stress of the digital world of coding and web. Sure, there are deadlines and stress involved in nature. But, it’s not quite the same. If she misses the shot of the blue heron sitting on the rock, the heron won’t fire her. If she doesn’t get up in time to get the sunrise, there is always the new one, tomorrow.

Today, Julie lives in Menasha, WI, and still enjoys going out on small photo jaunts to capture elements of the communities she lives in and around. She can take her camera and disappear into the woods, or the city, or the backyard, listening for familiar sounds of birds and critters. Looking for that one image that most people never see. She knows she’s blessed with the ability to take a little time here and there to pursue her passion - as well as having a VERY understanding wife and family!

Her goal as a photographer and artist is to share that passion with others. To facilitate a smile, or genuine awe, from another person. To open their eyes to what is in the world around them if they simply stop and look.